Events and Internal Culture

There are 168 hours in a week. We spend, on average, fifty-six hours sleeping (112 hours left). The average commute in the Denver Metro Area was twenty-five minutes in 2001. Let’s round that to thirty minutes, which amounts to one hour per day, or five hours per week (107 hours left). Add thirty minutes in the morning and the evening for personal hygiene, etc., and there goes another 7 hours a week (100 hours left). Miscellaneous activities performed alone (shopping, home maintenance, exercise, etc.) when summed easily exceed 15 hours per week (80 hours left). This could go on, but lets admit, if we work forty hours in a week, and take a one hour lunch, we have spent more time with our peers at the office than we have with our family. If we are going to spend that much time together, we may as well enjoy that time together. We might as well encourage each other to grow and mature both professionally and personally. We should help one another, foster a team attitude, and make the absolute most that we can of the time we spend at work.

At Anchor Engineering, Inc., we understand the importance of teamwork and our company events are intended to help our employees develop effective communication and problem solving skills as a team. We have a number of annual events including skiing, boating, and a number of monthly activities including bowling and pumpkin carving.